9 Formas de Sorprender a tu Pareja con una Propuesta de Matrimonio

9 Ways to Surprise your Partner with a Marriage Proposal

The marriage proposal is a moment that you will treasure forever. It is the opportunity to express your love and commitment in a way that is meaningful to both of you. Here we present nine ways to surprise your partner with a marriage proposal ranging from traditional to modern and unconventional ways of proposing.


1. In a Romantic Place:

The beach at sunset, an elegant restaurant or a flowering garden. Traditional romantic places never go out of style.

man and woman at the beach, man is kneeling down and holding woman's hand

2.At a family gathering:

Marriage is the union of two people and two families. What better way to start a marriage than with a proposal celebrated with the whole family?

3.At a Romantic Dinner:

A candlelight dinner is a classic way to propose. You can do it at home or at your favorite restaurant.


4.Travel Proposal:

Plan a surprise trip to a special place and propose during the trip. It can be an exotic destination or just a weekend in a nearby city.

5.Message in a Bottle:

Write a love letter, put it in a bottle and bury it on the beach or float it in a river. Then, take your partner to look for it and you will find the proposal message. A more modern of this would be to attach a ring to your partner's favorite coffee beverage.

6.Flash Mob Proposal:

Gather friends and family for a surprise flash mob in a public place. Music and choreography can make this moment unforgettable.


7.Memory Photo Book:

Create a photobook that tells the story of your relationship. At the end of the book, include the proposal. This is a gift and a surprise in one.

8.Adventure Proposal:

If your partner loves adventure, organize an exciting activity, such as skydiving or scuba diving. At the height of the activity, take the opportunity to make the proposal.



Regardless of whether you choose a traditional or modern way, the most important thing is that the proposal is authentic and meaningful to both of you. This is just as important when choosing your rings. Whether you plan to propose with an engagement ring or shop for wedding rings together once you have your “yes!”, we can help you find the right symbol for your eternal love. We use a personality questionnaire to help make our rings as unique as your love and we also offer design studio sessions so you can participate in the making of your rings.


Good luck on your exciting journey towards marriage!

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