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At Panama Bay Jewelers, we are proud to share our story and the talents that bring our unique creations to life. From the founder to the designers and artists who are part of our team, each person brings their passion and experience to bring exceptional jewelry to life.

Vernon Wilson: A Legacy of Excellence

Our story begins with Vernon Wilson, founder and lead designer of Panama Bay Jewelers. With more than 50 years of experience in creating jewelry, his career is an inexhaustible source of inspiration. Vernon has won numerous international awards and recognitions in the world of jewelry, establishing his reputation as a renowned designer.

man at workbench using a jewelry tool
His focus on high-quality craftsmanship and attention to detail has resulted in creations that transcend time. Each piece that bears his signature reflects his passion for the beauty and culture of Panama, making it a unique masterpiece. His hand-carved lapis lazuli pendant honoring the traditional Panamanian Pollera is an excellent example of his craftsmanship and love for Panamanian culture.

Gabriel Bernal: The Creative Soul of Our Studio

Gabriel Bernal, co-founder and talented designer, brings a unique perspective to our team. His design style is distinguished by its ability to fuse classic elegance with a modern and avant-garde touch. His creations are a testament to his love for Panama and its rich cultural heritage.
man sitting at computer using graphics software to design jewelry
Gabriel finds inspiration in nature, in the customs and in the daily life of Panama. Each of his pieces is an expression of his passion and creativity, allowing him to convey the beauty of Panama through jewelry. His blend of modern style with classic designs is evident in his Tahitian black pearl jewelry .

Roxana Cordero: From Assistant to Designer

At Panama Bay Jewelers, we believe in nurturing and fostering internal talent. Roxana, who started as a housekeeping assistant at our studio, is a shining example of this approach. Over the years, she has demonstrated her dedication and passion for jewelry.
woman at workbench using jewelry tools
Today, Roxana not only performs jewelry repairs, but has also begun designing her own creations. Her evolution is a testament to our commitment to the growth and development of our team.

Panama Bay Jewelers is more than a jewelry store; It is a home for talent and creativity. From our founder, Vernon Wilson, to designers like Gabriel Bernal and the growth of team members like Roxana, each person contributes to the magic we create in each piece of jewelry.

Our passion for Panama and its beauty is reflected in each piece we create. We hope this behind-the-scenes look helps you get to know us better and appreciate the dedication we put into each masterpiece that bears the Panama Bay Jewelers name. Thank you for being part of our history!

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